Breast Reduction

in Grand Rapids, MI

Large breasts can be a point of pain for many women. If you have overly large breasts this can affect your back, shoulders, and neck. Causing you to live in discomfort. As well as many women feel self-conscious of their large breasts if they sag or are disproportionate to their body. At Aesthetic Plastic Surgery of Grand Rapids, Dr. Iacobucci has years of experience in breast reduction, helping his patients live more comfortable lives.

What is a Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction formally referred to as reduction mammaplasty, reshapes the breasts to make them smaller and firmer. The reduction removes excess fat, tissue, and skin to help make the breasts lighter. Many women consider this type of surgery because they experience physical pain due to their large breasts, their breasts are disproportionate to their body, and they cannot participate in all physical activities due to large breasts.

How is Breast Reduction Done?

The breast reduction techniques can vary depending on the amount of change needed. It often is done in combination with liposuction and breast lift. The most common method uses an incision around the areola. The incision will continue down to the natural curve under the breast. Dr. Iacobucci will remove excess glandular tissue, skin, and fat. After this, he will reposition the nipple and areola to a higher position. During your consultation appointment, Dr. Iacobucci will go over all of your breast reduction options with you.

Recovery from a Breast Reduction

Dr. Iacobucci will provide you will complete care instructions for your healing period. During your recovery period, you should get plenty of rest and have limited movement as your breasts are adjusting. Bandages will be applied immediately following surgery to help speed up the recovery process. You will need to wear a special bra for the first few weeks. Dr. Iacobucci will let you know when you can resume all daily activities at a follow-up appointment.

Who is a Good Candidate for a Breast Reduction?

If you have large, sagging breasts, that cause you pain and discomfort than you could benefit from a breast reduction surgery. The best candidates for this procedure are in good general health and are nonsmokers. At a consultation appointment with Dr. Iacobucci, he will go over your medical history to make sure you are a good candidate for this procedure.

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If you are tired of being limited because of your breasts, then come into Dr. Iacobucci’s office to talk about your options. Dr. Iacobucci is known nationally and internationally for his work in the plastic surgery field. To schedule a consultation, call us today. The team at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery of Grand Rapids are happy to treat patients from Grand Rapids, Cascade, Ada, Rockford, and all surrounding communities.

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