Neck Lift

in Grand Rapids, MI

The aging process changes our appearances in many ways. One of the most noticeable changes happens in the neck. Aging skin can cause the neck to become saggy and lose definition. To recreate the definition, Dr. Iacobucci offers neck lifts to his patients dealing with this problem. At Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Grand Rapids, we strive to make each patient feel comfortable and confident in their skin.

What is a Neck Lift?

A neck lift is a surgical procedure where the skin and muscles in the neck are tightened. By defining the neck again, this helps you to look much younger. Also, often sagging skin on the neck and cause people to think you are bigger than you are, with a defined neck you will look your true size. A benefit of this procedure is that it can be formed in conjunction with other procedures to give you the best result. A neck lift is often combined with liposuction, a facelift, or a cheek lift.

How is a Neck Lift Done?

The neck lift procedure can be done either under general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation. The incisions are made under the chin or behind the ears. Dr. Iacobucci will stretch the excess skin over the area to see how much needs to be removed. If there is excess fat, then liposuction can be used to remove it. Once these changes are made the neck muscles and tissues will be tightened and then the incisions will be closed. This surgery takes between two-to-three hours to complete.

Recovery from a Neck Lift

After your surgery, Dr. Iacobucci will apply compression bandages for you to wear for a week. These help to minimize swelling, bruising and bleeding. Some patients may experience a feeling of numbness or discomfort for the first few weeks following their procedure. This can usually be managed with pain medication. It is important to rest after your surgery, typically most patients don’t return to work and more activities until two weeks post-op. It is important to restrict strenuous activity for at least a month following the procedure. At a follow-up appointment, Dr. Iacobucci will let you know when you can resume all activities.

Who is a Good Candidate for a Neck Lift?

Sagging skin on the neck can be caused by the natural aging process or by major weight loss. A neck lift can help to improve the look of the neck. By meeting with Dr. Iacobucci in person for a consultation he will be able to know if this would benefit you. He will examine your neck tissues and the amount of excess skin as well as go over your medical history. It is important that you are in general good health and do not smoke as this can cause complications.

Meet with Dr. Iacobucci

Dr. Iacobucci takes extensive time to get to know each of his patients personally and understand their goals. If you would like to learn more about the neck lift then make an appointment with Dr. Iacobucci by calling his office. He serves patients from Grand Rapids, Cascade, Ada, Rockford, and all surrounding areas.

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